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About British 4x4 Specialists

Meet Trevor Griffiths, owner of British 4x4 Specialists in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. As a British 4x4 enthusiast, he loves renovating and repairing these vehicles. Contact us to learn more about our Rover repair services.

Owner and son, British 4x4s in Elizabethtown, PA
Model of a Range Rover, British 4x4s in Elizabethtown, PA

A Genetic Disorder
Trevor often jokingly calls his passion for British automobiles the result of a genetic disorder. His dad, Geoffrey, worked for Joseph Lucas in the United States, establishing that company's presence here since the early 1960s. His mom, Barbara, owned a variety of English cars, which is how they met.

From Hobby to Business
With British cars always around in various states of restoration, his family managed to turn a hobby into a business. Eventually, Trevor found his own niche inside his parents' shops.

Moving On
As things would have it, he met a beautiful young lady through customers, sold his house and share of the business, and moved to the village of Deodate, near Hershey, Pennsylvania. Now, he and his wife have 2 wonderful boys to corrupt with mechanical things.

Life at Home
Working in a reclaimed chicken coop, Trevor spends his days in the company of Francis the Chocolate Labrador and an assortment of pigs, goats, cats, and other wildlife. Meanwhile, he performs miracles on worn-out, used-up, and sometimes poorly engineered American, Indian, and British 4X4s.

Contact us at (410) 227-2523 in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, to learn more about British 4x4s.